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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Augmented Reality CatWalk

Augmented Reality CatWalk is a new invention which can be use for dress promotion in shopping malls or on many other places we can promote dresses. Its very innovative idea to promote dresses and this application can be use to promote any product it is an iphone based application. To run this application you need an Iphone and detect your world ground and tab to place your 3d model on ground i can replace this 3d model with any 3d model. If you want to promote your product using this idea let me know on fiverr i will develop app for you.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Future of Cryptocurrencies

Every currency has its own importance same case is for cryptocurrencies. The future of Cryptocurrencies is very bright according to my opinion because these currencies are completely digital and backed by very powerful technology which is blockchain.

To invest in cryptocurrencies is a long term process according to my opinion those who tried to get fastest benefit in cryptocurrencies they faced no success so I always suggest if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies so keep in mind you should buy from lowest point and wait at least 1 year to get the great benefit.

Cryptocurrencies are better than our country currency because our country currency take too much time and deduct too much tax when you want to transfer your money from one country to another or even when you transfer your money from one bank to another with in your country that bank charged a huge amount that is a reason I prefer Cryptocurrencies because it takes few seconds to transfer from one place to another with in very low charges if I talk about Ripple which is a cryptocurrency and it is very powerful it take only few seconds to transfer and with in very less fee charged.

If I talk about the future of Cryptocurrencies I must say it is a future it need time to implement in the whole world our banking systems are against of cryptocurrencies they don’t want cryptocurrencies to  grow suppose if all the human beings start using cryptocurrencies then it will become a big loss for all the banks  that is why banks don’t want Cryptocurrencies success. What if world war 3 start I always pray it never happen but what if world war 3 start then our paper currencies will face too much loss then after that the Crypto Era will start. Cryptocurrencies will touch the moon during and after the world war 3 so those people who have cryptocurrencies on that time they will become rich.

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies you must keep that in mind first you should understand what is the purpose of that cryptocurrency there are many cryptocurrencies available you must have to search for the best one and buy that one I prefer buy more than 4 currencies to increase the chance of your success let me also tell you how to buy cryptocurrency. In order to buy any cryptocurrency, you must open any wallet I prefer Coinbase and because they are safe and secure then buy Ethereum I always prefer to buy Ethereum because Ethereum is better than bitcoin and it is fast and in future It will grow more than bitcoin then using Ethereum address open an account on and buy any cryptocurrency on Binance.     

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Dragon Ball Super Game For Android

This game is very interesting in this game player need to safe one dragon ball to win the game. Player need to safe the dragon ball to stay in the game. There is no Goku or Vegeta you are a hero you need to safe the world safe the dragon ball then wish to resurrect all the human beings with Goko and Vegeta after that Goku and Vegeta will fight will all the enemies. Our only hope is you just try your best again and again to win the game we are sure you can do it just save our dragon ball.This dragon ball is our last hope Bulma already collected 6 dragon balls and you have one to safe just safe this dragon ball for few minutes Bulma is coming then you and bulma must wish to resurrect all the dead people of the earth with Goko and Vegeta. Goko and vegeta both have super saiyan blue power we need this power to safe our earth from all the bad people.

Dragon Ball Super is a game for those who really want to safe the earth download and play this game and also share with your friends we need our hero who will safe our universe. 

Monday, 29 January 2018

Beauty Tips

Feeling Confident and believing in your own self are the basic things which makes a person feels best but by feeling that you look your best is really a confidence booster. All you need to do is to download beauty book mobile application from play store to find all the useful tips which will help you to look beautiful and attractive.
Beauty Tips for Women:
To look best does not always be expensive there are several Beauty tips products which are easily available at your home all you need is to know how to use it appropriately.
1.   Aloe Vera:
“White Spots” are the general problem of women’s its most simple and easy remedy is Aloe Vera.
Procedure: Extract the gel out of an aloe Vera leaf then apply the gel to the white spots and leave it on your skin for at least 20 to 30 minutes and then rinse it off with water. Do this 2 or 3 times daily.
2.   Yogurt:
“Dry Scalp” is another basic problem of women its simple and easy remedy is Yogurt. Yogurt is not only for eating you may use yogurt for your skin as well.

You need to apply plain yogurt and massage completely for estimated 6 to 11 minutes. You must have to sit for 25 to 40 minutes then rinsing it off you must use lukewarm water for rinsing it off. For better result do it regularly for few weeks.

and there is one Alternative you may follow it mix 3 tablespoons of ground fenugreek seeds with ½ cup of yogurt and then apply it on your hair and on your scalp then wait for one hour after that wash your hair with mild shampoo that’s it. For better result repeat this tip once a week.
“Reddish Of Pimples” is also one of the basic problems of women’s its simple and easy remedy is Cucumber. Cucumber has many advantages not only for health but you can also use cucumber on your skin.

You need to cut a cucumber into slices freeze the slices in your refrigeration for maximum one hour then place a slice on the site of your pimple then when it warms up then replace with second cool cucumber. Repeat this step for 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat this tip several times a day
“Sweaty palms and feet” is one of the basic problems of women’s its simple and easy remedy is “Tomato”. Yes, tomato is not only for eating to stay healthy you may also use tomato for your skin problems and it is very useful for many skin problems.
Procedure: Simply cut a good-sized slice of tomato and rub it over the areas of your body where you are experiencing excessive sweating and Alternatively, apply freshly extracted tomato juice on the sweaty parts of your body then wait for 12 to 16 minutes after that rinse it off with lukewarm water. Do it once daily and also, you can drink 1 cup of fresh tomato juice daily for a week, and slowly reduce the dosage to 1 cup every other day for another week.
These were the common Beauty tips for women through those ingredients which are easily available at homes.
Beauty Tips for Face:
No Matter what your skin tone is most important thing is it should be healthy and clean. Our beauty tips will help you to make your skin beautiful and clean. Cleansing is one of the basic thing if you do at least once a month it will definitely clean all dust, smoke and heavy pollution that results in dryness and dullness.
“Moisturizing” is must for every skin so it keeps your skin hydrated and also it prevents from redness.
Drinking “Water” 8 to 10 glasses will keep your skin hydrated and toxin free body.
Skin Care Tips:
For Fresh skin the basic thing you should do is to eat “Healthy food” like fruits, sufficient proteins and vitamins.
For Healthy skin try to sleep at least 8 hours every night and also you can apply honey on your face twice a week to naturally heal your skin.
For fresh skin wash your face with warm water twice or thrice a day and gently massage your face in circular motion.
Beauty Tips for Hair:
“Egg” is one of the best hair conditioner because the yolk is rich in fats and proteins which acts as moisturizing where as the white helps to remove unwanted oils, use egg yolk for dry hair and whites for the oily hair.
 “Honey and Olive Oil” is one of the best way to cure your damaged hairs Massage 1/2 cup honey and 2 tbsp olive oil into clean damp hair and rinse off after 20 minutes. Olive oil conditions while honey has both anti-bacterial and conditioning properties.

“Brown Sugar” is one of the best way to remove dandruff and one of the common hair problem of people. Treat it effectively at home by mixing 2 parts of brown sugar to 1 part of your hair conditioner and lightly rub it on your scalp.
Rinse off thoroughly.

These remedies ingredients are commonly present at home and women’s can easily apply over them. Beauty is meant to be expensive at times but through these remedies it is almost a free of cost. By applying these beauty tips, a woman can keep herself fit and fresh. A woman should use Beauty tips apps to keep her self-updated from beauty tips. Let me introduced one awesome mobile app for women and for girls to find all the beauty tips to stay beautiful. These tips are not only for women. Men should also look smart and attractive so you try beauty book mobile application available on play store to find many interested and easy to follow tips. Please follow the below link to check beauty book mobile application and also give us your feedback and if you have any suggestion for beauty book app please let us know in comments and if you have any beauty tip which we did not add in the beauty book application then please let us know we need to help every human being regarding how to look beautiful and attractive.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Law of Pakistan - Pakistani Law

Law of Pakistan

Definition of law:
The law is a pack of rules established by an authority that people are made to follow by the state. Courts and police are pillars that enforce this system of rules and punish people who break the laws, such as by making them pay a fine or other penalty or sending them to jail.

Introduction to Law of Pakistan:  
The Law of Pakistan substantive law which is derived from the English Common Law moreover, Pakistan is an Islamic Republic state. The constitution of 1962 was the fundamental law of Pakistan from June, 1962 until martial law was declared in March 1969 basically structure of the legal system of Pakistan is based on the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on 12 April 1973, which was brought into force on 14 August 1973.

List of some Pakistani law:
§  Cybercrime in Pakistan.
§  Family law in Pakistan.
§  Traffic rules in Pakistan.
§  Child rights in Pakistan.

Cybercrime in Pakistan:
Cybercrime leads towards any criminal act dealing with computers and networks (called hacking)
On 11 August, 2016, Pakistan’s lower house, the National Assembly, make a controversial cybercrime law called the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016.
§  According to the Act of Law of Pakistan, the purpose of the legislation is to prevent unauthorized acts with respect to information systems and provide for related offences as well as mechanisms for their investigation, prosecution, trial and international cooperation.
§  Under the Law of Pakistan Government officials say internet restrictions under the new law are needed to ensure security against growing threats, such as terrorism. Act also introduces the offense of cyber-terrorism. A cyber-terrorist crime is regard to have been carried out with the intent to perpetrate terrorism.

§ According to Law of Pakistan person should be charged for such an offense upon conviction up to a 14-year term of imprisonment or a fine of Rs.5 million.

§ According to Section18 (1) Law of Pakistan essentially criminalizes defamation “through any information system.” The Act prescribes that Whoever deliberately and publicly exhibits or displays or transmits any information through any information system, which he knows to be false, and harms the reputation or privacy of a natural person, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years or with fine which may extend to one million rupees or with both.

Cybercrime, the Law of Pakistan criticized by many oppositions.
o Main criticism of oppositions was that in its current form, the law would give the executive sweeping powers that could be misused or threat against anyone, which would further curb freedom of expression in the country.
§  Nighat Daad (founder of a group called the Digital Rights Foundation) said:

The overly broad language used in the bill ensures that innocent and ignorant Pakistani citizens, unaware of the ramifications of what the bill entails, can be ensnared and find themselves subject to very harsh penalties,
Family law in Pakistan:
The term “Family Law in Pakistan” archaic all such laws, which relate to issues of Marriage, Divorce, Custody of children, Dowry & Child Marriage
§  Act, 1929 Child Marriage Restraint
§  Act, 1939 Dissolution of Muslim Marriages
§  Act, 1961 Muslim Family Laws Ordinance
§  Act, 1964 Family Courts
§  Act, 1976 Dowry and Bridal Gifts (Restriction)
§  Act, 1962 West Pakistan Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application

Act, 1869 (IV of 1869) Divorce:
o According to the Law of Pakistan Section 7 divorce, of the Muslim Family Law Ordinance, 1961 recognizes that a man may divorce his wife in any of the modes recognized by Islam. Normally, this is done by the husband thrice uttering the words “I divorce you”, in the presence of the wife and witnesses.
o According to Law of Pakistan Section 8 of the Ordinance provides that where the right of divorce has been delegated to the wife by the husband or where the parties wish to dissolve the marriage otherwise than through divorce.

o According Law of Pakistan Where the wife seeks to obtain a divorce from her husband, but such a right has not being delegated to her, she has no other choice but to set proceedings before the Family Court, through a suit. She may either seek divorce by means of ‘Khula’ whereby she has to remit the dower amount if it has not been paid by the husband or return the same if received.

Traffic rules in Pakistan:
o Obey the traffic light /signals.
o Always follow road sign especially mandatory road signs (signs in circle shape).
o According to Law of Pakistan, Driving without a license or drunk driving leads towards fine (Challan).
o Minimum driving age is 18 years.
o Seat belt is mandatory for driver. Helmet is mandatory for motorcycle riding.
o Any loads carried or towed must be marked the ends with red flags by day and red lights by nights.
o Use of mobile while driving is prohibited.

Child rights in Pakistan.
o Law of Pakistan ratified the agreement on the Rights of the Child (hereinafter the Convention) on November of 12, 1990 making a reservation on interpreting its provisions following the principles of Islamic laws and values.
o Law of Pakistan children needed a special convention just for them because people under 18 years old often need special care and protection that adults do not. Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) is the first legally binding international instrument to incorporate the full range of human rights—civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights.

o In past two decades, law of Pakistan against child rights has made some progress. Its commitments include: the ratification of the UNCRC, the Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2012.

o The law which made for people and government should be followed properly. We should follow all the Pakistani laws for the success of our country as we know these days few animal mind people are hurting innocent children we must have to stop them and we need to stop all the crime. We should have all the useful information about the law of Pakistan. If you need all the information regarding Pakistani law you should download Pakistani qanoon mobile application which is very useful for all Pakistanis.

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