Thursday, 4 May 2017

Digital Multimeter Kit

Technician Complete Digital Multimeter Kit w/ Soldering Iron,Stand,Wire: Repair Electrical Faults & Fuse Shorts. Electrician Multi Meters, Voltage Tester Voltmeter. Test Ohm Volt Amp, Diode Function
  • SAVE YOUR MONEY, DON’T CALL AN ELECTRICIAN! REPAIR ELECTRICAL FAULTS AND DIAGNOSE ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS AT HOME ON YOUR OWN: This high quality, professional grade multimeter by Professional-Technology will do great service to every homeowner and handyman. The versatile electronic multi meter can test current & voltage levels and many more. Measure amperage and test electronic leads in your home with this handy general purpose multimeter
  • WORK EASILY IN DARK SPACES WITH THE CONVENIENCE OF THE BRIGHT LCD DIGITAL DISPLAY SCREEN AND CARRY YOUR ELECTRONIC MULTIMETER EASILY WHEREVER THE WORK TAKES YOU: This Kit by Professional-Technology comes in an easy to carry case that will keep it secure and fit easily into any working space. THE METER'S SLIM AND COMPACT STRUCTURE WILL FIT PERFECTLY IN YOUR HAND. Don’t worry if the lights go out! The bright LCD digital display screen makes reading meters in the darkest of areas effortless
  • FIX EVERYTHING IN YOUR HOUSE’S ELECTRIC SYSTEM, ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS, AND AUTOMOTIVE SHORTS: With the simple instructions, you don’t have to be an electrician to use Professional-Technology's handy kit. You’ll be probing problems and checking fuses in no time! Developers created this meter to easily calculate voltage making it a fundamental home repair tool. It checks the capacitance, frequency and resistance of a capacitor and the continuity of a circuit in a second
  • WORK SAFELY WHILE YOU FIX ANY FAULT. DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE DANGERS OF ELECTRICITY. Professional-Technologies' Multimeter includes overload prevention and is CE approved. The heavy duty design of the kit and carrying case means it will stand up to being dropped and used in all sorts of rugged environments. It includes a low battery and fuse indicator. Built for safe use by the home repair technician and handyman, with professional safety features to give you peace of mind while you work
  • DON’T JUST DIAGNOSE YOUR ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS, FIX THEM YOURSELF WITH THE BONUS SOLDERING IRON, STAND AND WIRES. A ONE YEAR WARRANTY IS ALSO PROVIDED: with every purchase we’re including a 30W, 500° maximum soldering iron, soldering iron stand, solder wire and 2 alligator-clip leads. Buy without worry; at Professional-Technology we stand by our products’ quality craftsmanship by offering you a one year warranty on the Digital Mulitmeter kit.

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