Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Difference Between Software Engineering and Computer Science

Now a day’s I saw many post on social media students are too much confused about the difference between the computer science and the software engineering. These two majors are similar but there is a little bit difference. In software engineer you will learn totally related to software’s like software development, software project management, software requirement engineering, software testing, software quality assurance and software quality control. But in Computer Science you will learn related to networking and hardware as well. Computer science students can also learn about software development but they don’t learn regarding software project management, software quality Assurance, software quality control, software testing, software requirement engineering.

In computer science and software Engineering both students may also learn about data science in many universities but some universities are introducing Data science as a major. If a student selects software engineering or computer science as a major then he or she can become a software developer.
Computer Science and software engineering are the best field for student there are huge amount of jobs for students and also there is a huge opportunity for students to become an entrepreneur. So, I prefer students if you want to become a software project manager or software tester or software quality engineer so do learn software engineering and if you want to become a network engineer or computer hardware engineer then computer science is good for you.

Written by : Syed Ali Hassan


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