Monday, 29 January 2018

Beauty Tips

Feeling Confident and believing in your own self are the basic things which makes a person feels best but by feeling that you look your best is really a confidence booster. All you need to do is to download beauty book mobile application from play store to find all the useful tips which will help you to look beautiful and attractive.
Beauty Tips for Women:
To look best does not always be expensive there are several Beauty tips products which are easily available at your home all you need is to know how to use it appropriately.
1.   Aloe Vera:
“White Spots” are the general problem of women’s its most simple and easy remedy is Aloe Vera.
Procedure: Extract the gel out of an aloe Vera leaf then apply the gel to the white spots and leave it on your skin for at least 20 to 30 minutes and then rinse it off with water. Do this 2 or 3 times daily.
2.   Yogurt:
“Dry Scalp” is another basic problem of women its simple and easy remedy is Yogurt. Yogurt is not only for eating you may use yogurt for your skin as well.

You need to apply plain yogurt and massage completely for estimated 6 to 11 minutes. You must have to sit for 25 to 40 minutes then rinsing it off you must use lukewarm water for rinsing it off. For better result do it regularly for few weeks.

and there is one Alternative you may follow it mix 3 tablespoons of ground fenugreek seeds with ½ cup of yogurt and then apply it on your hair and on your scalp then wait for one hour after that wash your hair with mild shampoo that’s it. For better result repeat this tip once a week.
“Reddish Of Pimples” is also one of the basic problems of women’s its simple and easy remedy is Cucumber. Cucumber has many advantages not only for health but you can also use cucumber on your skin.

You need to cut a cucumber into slices freeze the slices in your refrigeration for maximum one hour then place a slice on the site of your pimple then when it warms up then replace with second cool cucumber. Repeat this step for 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat this tip several times a day
“Sweaty palms and feet” is one of the basic problems of women’s its simple and easy remedy is “Tomato”. Yes, tomato is not only for eating to stay healthy you may also use tomato for your skin problems and it is very useful for many skin problems.
Procedure: Simply cut a good-sized slice of tomato and rub it over the areas of your body where you are experiencing excessive sweating and Alternatively, apply freshly extracted tomato juice on the sweaty parts of your body then wait for 12 to 16 minutes after that rinse it off with lukewarm water. Do it once daily and also, you can drink 1 cup of fresh tomato juice daily for a week, and slowly reduce the dosage to 1 cup every other day for another week.
These were the common Beauty tips for women through those ingredients which are easily available at homes.
Beauty Tips for Face:
No Matter what your skin tone is most important thing is it should be healthy and clean. Our beauty tips will help you to make your skin beautiful and clean. Cleansing is one of the basic thing if you do at least once a month it will definitely clean all dust, smoke and heavy pollution that results in dryness and dullness.
“Moisturizing” is must for every skin so it keeps your skin hydrated and also it prevents from redness.
Drinking “Water” 8 to 10 glasses will keep your skin hydrated and toxin free body.
Skin Care Tips:
For Fresh skin the basic thing you should do is to eat “Healthy food” like fruits, sufficient proteins and vitamins.
For Healthy skin try to sleep at least 8 hours every night and also you can apply honey on your face twice a week to naturally heal your skin.
For fresh skin wash your face with warm water twice or thrice a day and gently massage your face in circular motion.
Beauty Tips for Hair:
“Egg” is one of the best hair conditioner because the yolk is rich in fats and proteins which acts as moisturizing where as the white helps to remove unwanted oils, use egg yolk for dry hair and whites for the oily hair.
 “Honey and Olive Oil” is one of the best way to cure your damaged hairs Massage 1/2 cup honey and 2 tbsp olive oil into clean damp hair and rinse off after 20 minutes. Olive oil conditions while honey has both anti-bacterial and conditioning properties.

“Brown Sugar” is one of the best way to remove dandruff and one of the common hair problem of people. Treat it effectively at home by mixing 2 parts of brown sugar to 1 part of your hair conditioner and lightly rub it on your scalp.
Rinse off thoroughly.

These remedies ingredients are commonly present at home and women’s can easily apply over them. Beauty is meant to be expensive at times but through these remedies it is almost a free of cost. By applying these beauty tips, a woman can keep herself fit and fresh. A woman should use Beauty tips apps to keep her self-updated from beauty tips. Let me introduced one awesome mobile app for women and for girls to find all the beauty tips to stay beautiful. These tips are not only for women. Men should also look smart and attractive so you try beauty book mobile application available on play store to find many interested and easy to follow tips. Please follow the below link to check beauty book mobile application and also give us your feedback and if you have any suggestion for beauty book app please let us know in comments and if you have any beauty tip which we did not add in the beauty book application then please let us know we need to help every human being regarding how to look beautiful and attractive.


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