Friday, 18 May 2018

Future of Cryptocurrencies

Every currency has its own importance same case is for cryptocurrencies. The future of Cryptocurrencies is very bright according to my opinion because these currencies are completely digital and backed by very powerful technology which is blockchain.

To invest in cryptocurrencies is a long term process according to my opinion those who tried to get fastest benefit in cryptocurrencies they faced no success so I always suggest if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies so keep in mind you should buy from lowest point and wait at least 1 year to get the great benefit.

Cryptocurrencies are better than our country currency because our country currency take too much time and deduct too much tax when you want to transfer your money from one country to another or even when you transfer your money from one bank to another with in your country that bank charged a huge amount that is a reason I prefer Cryptocurrencies because it takes few seconds to transfer from one place to another with in very low charges if I talk about Ripple which is a cryptocurrency and it is very powerful it take only few seconds to transfer and with in very less fee charged.

If I talk about the future of Cryptocurrencies I must say it is a future it need time to implement in the whole world our banking systems are against of cryptocurrencies they don’t want cryptocurrencies to  grow suppose if all the human beings start using cryptocurrencies then it will become a big loss for all the banks  that is why banks don’t want Cryptocurrencies success. What if world war 3 start I always pray it never happen but what if world war 3 start then our paper currencies will face too much loss then after that the Crypto Era will start. Cryptocurrencies will touch the moon during and after the world war 3 so those people who have cryptocurrencies on that time they will become rich.

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies you must keep that in mind first you should understand what is the purpose of that cryptocurrency there are many cryptocurrencies available you must have to search for the best one and buy that one I prefer buy more than 4 currencies to increase the chance of your success let me also tell you how to buy cryptocurrency. In order to buy any cryptocurrency, you must open any wallet I prefer Coinbase and because they are safe and secure then buy Ethereum I always prefer to buy Ethereum because Ethereum is better than bitcoin and it is fast and in future It will grow more than bitcoin then using Ethereum address open an account on and buy any cryptocurrency on Binance.     


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